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Future Tech | At Acin we are transforming this to a modern data driven product – we have created standards and an AI driven network to enable peer comparison and quantification.

Acin Introduction May 2023

Acin Overview Acin is a risk analytics fintech with an AI platform that networks financial services risk controls, focused on three core activities Assessment of a firm’s Risk Control Comparison of a firm’s Risk Control Risk Intelligence & Threat Analysis Data quality (Group & Divisional level) Data to the market and peers on a real-time basis Strategic investors: © 2023 Acin Limited 2

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Challenges with Op Risk / Non-Financial Risk today Todays operating model across the industry is people & judgement based and has significant challenges: Expensive Limited effectiveness Regulatory trust Manual processes, FTEs, Risk events and unwanted Limited confidence consultants, transformations & headlines abound from supervisors bad data 2021 2022 2021 2020 © 2023 Acin Limited 3

Acin is taking a different approach Acin is transforming Op Risk to the level of Credit & Market Risk disciplines 1 Digitisation Data standards, standardised risk and control designs, comprehensive metadata and performance metrics 2 Connection Dynamic collaboration through digitally 3 networking the most significant firms globally and in each market Quantitative Solving the information asymmetry with regulators on a quantitative and independent basis © 2023 Acin Limited 4

Acin operates a hub & spoke data network Acin Provides Banks send Acin: Bank A § Risk Taxonomy § Control Inventory § Process Taxonomy Bank B Bank C Acin analyses: § Regulatory Data (e.g., Articles, Actions) Bank D Bank E § 3rd Party Data (e.g., News, Market External Events, Regulatory Alerts) © 2023 Acin Limited 5

Acin changes interactions with boards & regulators Acin allows you to answer the following key questions to Boards, Risk Committees and Regulators: Completeness Can you continuously, quantitatively and independently evidence completeness of the control environment vs. the market? 1 Effectiveness Can you quantitatively and objectively demonstrate that this control environment is working as intended and within 2our risk appetite and tolerances? Calibrated Are you under or over controlled compared 3to the market and peer firms? © 2023 Acin Limited 6

Summary We believe we can help you to: Reduce costs Reduce risk Improve trust by making your risk control by identifying risk control gaps by objectively demonstrating inventories and RCSA process on a more real time basis that completeness, effectiveness and more efficient are known to the market / peers a calibrated and embedded risk management framework to boards, committees and regulators © 2023 Acin Limited 7


Acin’s Product Lines Driving Outcomes and Value Product Lines Outcomes Value Acin Assessment Improve Data Quality and Reduce Complexity 1. Reduce Cost 2. Reduce Risk Ensure Control Completeness to market Acin Calibrate and compare performance on an ongoing 3. Improve Trust with basis Regulators, Boards, Risk/Audit Committees, Shareholders Acin Intelligence Dynamically Assess your Risk Control Environment against External Triggers Powered by the Acin Network © 2023 Acin Limited 9

AcinAssessment -Analysis of Risk Control Data at Group or Divisional level © 2023 Acin Limited 10

Acin Calibrate - Comparison of a firms Risk Control Data to the market and peers © 2023 Acin Limited 11

Acin Intelligence - Risk Intelligence & Threat Analysis on a real time basis © 2023 Acin Limited 12

Acin Example Unauthorised Communications e.g. WhatsApp Sends: Receives: 5 Risks, 5 Controls 4 Risks, 16 Controls Bank A Sends: 12 Risks, 63 Controls Sends: 9 Risks, 18 Controls Receives: Bank C 2 Risks, 4 Controls Bank B Identified duplication Receives: of 5 risks & 33 controls 0 Risks, 3 Controls plus id 9 unique controls Market Consensus: 9 Risks 21 Controls Sends: 3 Risks, 10 Controls Sends: Bank E 9 Risks, 9 Controls Bank D Receives: Receives: 7 Risks, 11 Controls Plus id 1 non-risk 0 Risks, 12 Controls External Source 9 risks from FMSB © 2023 Acin Limited 13