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Security & Cloud | Klarytee is a SaaS platform that builds security into sensitive content to enable granular control wherever the data goes.

Data centric security for the future of work

Klaryteeis a platform that helps enterprises achieve granular control of their data by building encryption and access control into the data itself, so it stays protected wherever it goes Documents Emails Databases CRMs Webpages

Security built into data itself for visibility and control beyond the enterprise boundary Reduce accidental and malicious data loss Enable secure and compliant use of Cloud and SaaS Enforce consistent security across supply chain Gain complete visibility of where the organisation’s data is and who is accessing it

A new way to think about security Built-in Granular Visibility & security protection control Security integrated with Enforce authentication, Complete visibility into products you already that can be applied to who’s accessing your data use daily that lasts individual fragments wherever it goes, even on forever, independent of ranging from a single customer and supplier IT infrastructure, device, character to an entire infrastructure, and revoke storage, transmission or document. access in real-time. format.

Integrated into your existing workflows Identify Integrated with Microsoft ID to enable O365 logins and enforcement of MFA policies Encrypt Control Encrypt portions of a Enforce access document with controls and layered access authenticate users control built into the for each fragment document wherever it goes

Key features Prevent data Non- Zero-knowledge loss repudiation We don’t store any content to Revoke access at any time Cryptographically bind minimise the risk of data loss. even if you no longer have blocks of content to its access to the document. owner. Real-time audit Integrated Granular access Track and manage document workflows control interactions and build up an Secure data instantly at its Encrypt all or parts of a document audit trail. source, the moment it’s and enforce layered access created. controls.


Use Case: Challenge: Current document controls don’t apply to documents Secure attached to outbound communications when they leave the enterprise boundary – e.g. customer and supply chain External comms. Leaves organisation vulnerable to compliance and Collaboration regulatory risk. Requirements: • Want to share documents with clients (over email, chat) without requiring a waiver • Needs to fully integrate with enterprise identity provider Solution: Encrypt documents using Klarytee to protect the contents beyond the enterprise boundary and restrict access to a user even before there are onboarded

Use Case: Challenge: Collaborating on documents that contain sensitive data is Improved difficult because controls are applied on document level. Internal Makes real-time collaboration friction-filled & slower, and employees use work-arounds Collaboration Requirements: • Improved collaboration between Customer Identifiable Data (CID)-exposed and CID-non-exposed teams • Storing of data anywhere • Full integration with enterprise identity provider • Conditional Access depending on employee location or device used Solution: • Encrypt documents using Klarytee to protect CID and other sensitive data to ensure robust access control without the need for multiple document versions and enable efficient and secure collaboration

Workflow: Secure Internal & External Collaboration Document or email Document shared with an Employee, customer or Employee, customer or encrypted with Klarytee internal/external user with supplier verifies their supplier decrypts the add-in their unique digital ID identity through the document add-in Value: 1. Reduce customer drop-off without sacrificing security. 2. Work in real-time on one part of a document without sharing privileged information from another part. 3. Securely collaborate in with internal and external teams. 4. Control and revoke access to document throughout its lifecycle.

Use Case: Challenge: When using SaaS applications, there is no control on jurisdiction where Automatic data are hosted and accessed. Without a full audit trail, leaves remediation of organisation exposed to data leaks and data leaving a jurisdiction Requirements: exposed CID • Require automatic protection of text paragraphs where scanning recognizes unprotected CID • Require encryption-at-transit, encryption-at-rest, AND encryption-in- use • Need full integration with internal identity provider • Mandating expiry date, location based access controls or multi-factor authentication based on the content classification Solution: Encrypt documents using Klarytee to protect CID and other sensitive data by default to prevent accidental or intentional loss of CID

Workflow: Automatic remediation of exposed CID Document or email Automatically detect and Share document on a Authorised user is able encrypted with Klarytee encrypt any CID with SaaS platform. CID to access the document add-in access controls based on remains encrypted at rest, following authentication policy in transit and in use. Value: 1. Employees can collaborate freely without exposing CID 2. Decrypted data is only exposed in appropriate jurisdiction 3. Maintain compliance and security on CID regardless of SaaS platform and hosting environment

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