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Data & AI | Mammoth provides a simple, secure and comprehensive solution to consolidate, transform, and automate your data processes Transform big data into easy data

Headquartered in London . Offices in San Francisco, Lisbon and Bangalore Consolidate Discover Prepare Analyse All your disparate and unclean data Norwich Football Tr u s t e d b y : Overview Mammoth bridges the gap between decision makers and data Providing speed, scalability 
 and simplicity in the data journey

3 Our fans “Mammoth’s powerful platform and the team’s deep level of data expertise has helped us achieve an unprecedented level of automation and reporting” Patrik Lundell, Director Channel Business Development EMEA, Starbucks “Mammoth’s solution is a game changer and allows for a huge increase in productivity” Ken Blau, Financial & Data Analytics, Rethink “Mammoth data automation capabilities allow us to focus on the science” Tien Yin Yau, Senior Scientist, Everest Detection “I no longer have to spend Sunday evenings preparing reports for Monday morning” Kathleen Blythe, Innovations Manager UK & Ireland, Bacardi Martini “Mammoth painlessly integrates data from anyone, anywhere” Russell Sylvester, Business Development Director, Kantar Our 
 Partners ”It is truly an end-to-end solution - seriously impressive” David Blackshaw, Intl Category & Commercial Excellence Lead, Arla Foods

80% Preparation Analysis Insights 10% 10% 75% time-savings for additional analysis and insights 10% 10% 5% Save time, free up resources and unlock a new level of productivity Before: After: How it works: The Mammoth solution provides all the tools and infrastructure needed in a single platform including data storage, connectors, transformation, discovery and automation The code-free, easy-to-use platform eliminates technical barriers 4

Clean Transform Consolidate Clean Transform Consolidate No Code Transparency 
 & Control Consolidate, automate and streamline your data fl ow 5 Messy / Disparate Data

Profile : Starbucks Europe (HQ in the UK) distributes RTD (ready-to-drink) and AHC (at-home-coffee) to 17 countries around Europe Objective : Generate consolidated report of sales from local retailers (data via Nielsen) Problem : Each country/retailer has a different representation of the data. They come in large volume and are non-standardised Starbucks Case Study: Data standardisation and automation with speed Transparent / Automated / Error-free 4 hours - online dashboard BEFORE AFTER * * External Agency Fragmented sales data for 17 countries 1 billion row+ processed monthly Built for scale Fragmented sales data for 17 countries Opaque / Non-repeatable / Error-prone 4 weeks to generate offline report Inability to handle complex data Non-scalable 6

7 Rethink Case Study: Harmonised customer reports in record time 3-5 IT hours per month 1 report — 30 hours / month 0 IT hours 6+ reports — 2 hrs / month BEFORE AFTER Senior 
 Manager Internal IT & Data Engineering Junior 
 Analyst Non-repeatable / Laborious / Error-prone Automated / Engaging / Error-free Profile : Rethink First ($50M+ revenue) is a high growth company in NY providing educational content to corporations Objective : Generate customer-engagement reports across channels - internal (sign-ins, content viewed) and external (webinars, emails, tutorials) Problem : Laborious report generation process on a monthly basis. No ability to expand KPI metrics, restricting company growth * *

Sales Media Spend CRM Internal DB Sales Performance Internal Staff No Code Tr a n s p a re n c y & Control Streamlined data made easy Enhance all your reporting and discover insights faster Consolidation of incompatible sources in a quick and easy way Data discovery tools to assist in creating transformation rules 8

Benefits Analytics packaged and delivered via Mammoth platform by Mammoth team MAMMOTH MANAGED CLIENT MANAGED Mammoth supported code-free data ingestion + preparation + discovery + insights platform Plan Packages and plans 9 10X faster to implement 90% cheaper to maintain 1000% increase in ROI / time-to-insight Mammoth Managed bene fi ts + Unprecedented access to data No technical skills needed Training and monthly support

10 Data Security, Privacy and Storage Infrastructure and Application layer   security Our encryption is maintained at the highest level including compliance with modern security standards (SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001). This provides secure data transmission over the Internet. Our deployments on AWS, GCP and Azure means you get all the bene fi ts of world class compliance programs on physical data center, network and storage   security.   Protecting data at rest Each customer account is assigned a separate encrypted database. This encryption provides you with the assurance that if these disks are isolated and re-mounted elsewhere they cannot be read. Privacy taken seriously Mammoth is GDPR compliant and cares deeply about protecting customer data. The Mammoth application has a robust permission model designed at its core to support data   security.

Mammoth Analytics Limited is registered in England. Company Number 10662446. Registered Office: Mammoth Analytics Ltd, 68 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL Dom Beary 
 [email protected] +44 7766992808 Transform big data into easy data Norwich Football