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Sustainable Living | PonchoPay is revolutionising the way parents pay for childcare and access the government funding they're entitled to

PonchoPay The Parent Payment Revolution Investment Deck June 2023

Parents are entitled to billions of pounds - let’s go get them!

ONLY 20% FUNDING Of government funding available to parents is used! (at a time when childcare costs are rising 3x inflation!)

Reasons For Underspend Communication Government schemes are poorly communicated. Parents don’t know what they’re entitled to, or how funds can be used. Low tech There is no means of using government funding at point of check-out. Funds can only be sent by bank transfer. Multi-scheme There are two key schemes: childcare vouchers and the new tax free childcare scheme, which has a very low adoption. Employer role Employers, who previously supported parents through childcare vouchers are unable to do so with the new scheme.

The current means of accepting, processing and using childcare funding is antiquated, expensive and time- consuming…

That’s why we built PonchoPay! One-click access to government and employer funding at check-out Instant bookings for childcare providers Billions of funds brought into the ecosystem

A One-Click Revolution The Old Way… …the PonchoPay Way A multi-step process for parents and providers In one click, bookings using government & alike, often taking days to fully complete and employer funding are completed. reconcile.

Aggregating funding at checkout Government funding Parents’ PonchoPay Childcare contribution Providers Employer support

Easy to get started Childcare providers make Parents instantly access government PonchoPay available as a payment & employer funding via PonchoPay, method in their check-out. when booking childcare online. 1 2

Stakeholder value propositions Parents Childcare Providers Easy access to financial support, particularly Government & employer funding entering the valuable during a cost of living crisis. Hours ecosystem. Improved conversion & less time of time saved! spent on admin. Employers Government An opportunity to support working parents Help make their (already budgeted) funding and drive retention / attraction of this group. accessible and support parents at a time when it’s most needed.

The story so far Built closed provider marketplace Built checkout solution, with subsidised childcare and sold providing easy access to access to employers government funding Q2 2021 Q2/Q3 Q4 Q1/Q2 Q3/Q4 2021 2021 2022 2022 Validated employer appetite Developed understanding of Receiving first transactions, building to subsidise childcare costs challenges accessing out the network and developing for their employees government funding for both automation parents & providers

PonchoPay in Numbers 25X 11X 90%+ Growth in Unique users Gross Transaction Value Client retention using PonchoPay growth *All statistics are of the period Nov 2022 - May 2023

Progress to-date… Run rate of 8 new ready to transact providers per month In talks with a number of multi-million pound a year providers and booking management platforms Strategic partnership with a large payment processor, with access to world beating rates and embedded finance products Participation in prestigious accelerator programmes… Accelerator

A significant market opportunity Gov subsidised payments: £150b activities, holiday camps & 2024 tuition £25b H2 2023 £7b H1 2023 £2b CURRENT + One-click booking across + Traditional card payments the whole childcare, + Gov subsidised payments: & employer subsidies education & leisure space schools & nurseries * Figures are UK market only

Harnessing the power of PonchoPay By virtue of our inclusion in thousands of providers’ checkout flows and the subsequent network effects, a number of exciting paths will present themselves as options in 2024. One-click checkout Allowing parents to instantly checkout across all of the providers they use in their family life, including education and leisure. Marketplace Enabling providers to push dynamic pricing, flash Title Two offers and curated content to PonchoPay users. There are countless other government subsidies that New Sources are underutilised and impossible to use online (including internationally) - we can PonchoPay them! Embedded We’ll have a very clear view of providers’ revenue Finance profile through our inclusion in their checkout - we can provide growth capital & services to help them grow.

A team with a track record of success Ben Prouty David Adams Vijay CEO, Co-founder CPO / CTO, Co-founder Raghavan COO, Co-founder A seasoned entrepreneur, building three successful start-ups. David has spent the past 10 years as a product and Following his MBA, Vijay worked for Bain in India & the USA Well-networked in the start-up ecosystem, including participation engineering lead with startups and enterprise, including for 5 years. He then moved to Copenhagen, where he in the Founders Factory accelerator programme, Tech Nation’s as a founding member of Hummingbird Technologies worked within Maersk's internal consulting arm. Vijay spent Upscale and Station F’s Founders Programme (Paris). Ben has (raised £22M, acquired). David was Product & the last 2.5 years at Kamet Ventures, helping to find new an MBA from Oxford. Technology lead in residence at Kamet Ventures. ideas to incubate and supporting portfolio companies.

A strong board of investors & advisors Michael Niddam Susan Sternglass Noble Christer Holloman Poncho Director & Chairman Serial Angel Investor & Banker Co-founder of Divido Executive Partner of Kamet Ventures. Former Managing Susan has worked in senior investment roles at Goldman Christer is the Co-founder of BNPL giant, Divido. Director of Boston Consulting Group. Co-founded and led Sachs, JP Morgan, CQS and AXA. She was an early Merchants that use Divido increase sales around 15-25% three ventures in the financial services, CRM & marketing Director of Avanza AB, the Swedish internet stockbroker, because it increases footfall, basket sizes and fields. and is currently Director of Unity Trust Bank and Asia conversion rates – both in store and online. Divido has Dragon plc and a Senior Adviser to the Investor Forum. raised over $50m from the likes of HSBC, ING, Sony and Amex Ventures.

The PonchoPay Parent Payment Ben Prouty Revolution CEO & Co-founder [email protected]