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Security & Cloud | Strong Network is a private infrastructure component for financial institutions

Secure Development Environments for DevOps & Data Science Reduce Cost of Deploy ISO 27001 Reconcile DevX with Automate DevSecOps Managed Devices Risk Controls Data Protection Practices The accelerates code development by streamlining the use of data-secure , providing access to ready-to-use coding and data science environments. It focuses on leading to higher productivity while securing against data and credentials leaks without impacting downstream DevOps or MLOps tools. The platform delivers both client-side and back-end data loss prevention. It has a secure mechanism for all data access that removes credentials from developers’ workspaces and protects against leaks with GIT repositories, S3 data buckets and TCP/SSH/HTTP services on any public/private cloud and on-premise services. In addition, it protects data in any app (GitHub, GitLab, Teams, etc) via SAML authentication and Remote Browser Isolation, preventing leaks of credentials and data. Enterprise management of CDEs We are the fi rst to deliver secure Online and secure CDEs allow real- development containers with time visibility of the environments enables fast scale up/down, accel- erates code into production, and Data Loss Prevention, SSO with and their performance such that lowers the total IT cost to support credentials leak protection, Zero- metrics are available without any * Trust and all ISO 2700x risk controls. agent on devices. DevOps cycle by 80% . * See The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat Services And Support For OpenShift - , Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study.

Shipping laptops to outsourced or remote developers Achieving ISO 27001 compliance across a development creates unnecessary complexity, ineffectiveness, and process is implemented with risk controls that might costs the organization. Adding security makes it even need numerous and costly tools. more difficult. The Strong Network platform provides implementations The Strong Network platform delivers via web secure for all ISO 27001 risk controls for DevSecOps and CDEs accessible by your developers on any device or OS compliance reports such that our clients achieve an via standard Cloud IDEs with monitored (ZTA) access immediate ROI when deploying the platform. control to your resources. VDI solutions and Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) remove The use of online CDEs accelerates transitions between data from laptops but results in poor developer DevOps states and allows up to 80% IT cost reduction experience (DevX), low productivity and mostly client- when provisioning the development environment. based, weak security guarantees. The Strong Network platform is the only management Strong Network delivers a DevX-focused platform that platform for CDEs that provides infrastructure security provides superior data loss prevention with both client- with real-time data loss prevention, Zero-Trust access based and back-end security that aligns with the entire control and live audit capability for DevSecOps. DevSecOps process. st Best Startup 1 Place Public Voting Award 2021 Award 2022 Security 2022 Chemin de Mornex 3 B, CH-1003 Lausanne SWISS STARTUP AWARD [email protected] +41 76 348 38 61