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Open Finance | Aazzur orchestrates and embed financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, Banks, and Corporates – right at the point of need, without building a tech stack.

INVESTOR PRESENTATION Financial Services out of the box, ready to use, where you need them 2021 & 2022 Low Code, embeddable Smart Finance Building Blocks, Fintech Orchestration & Integration Platform - as - a - Service Q2/2023

OUR MISSION: MY APPS SHOULD KNOW ME... Selling financial products at the right time and place Accounts & Cards Wealth Loans & BNPL Tools Insurances Currencies One - Stop - Shop Fintech Orchestration ... from a list of curated API - suppliers that don’t deliver to devices directly Customer has a need ... AAZZUR simplifies the integrations 1 4 account wealth wealth loan insurance ... that relates to a financial product on the frontend 2 3 or 2 entire App embedded

Plugging fintech services into your products is tough 3 THE PROBLEM - FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE EMBEDDED FINANCE A Fintech Tech Stack is expensive APIs are not standardized and need integration every time Orchestration layer is mission critical and not easy to build Interfaces needed Frontends not supplied Customers don’t touch APIs - customers touch devices Typically - € 500k - € 5million investment - 12 - 24+ months development Nearly all propositions require similar combination and integrations of several API - vendors over and over again Why build connections, security, single sign - on, abstraction, GDPR etc. when this can be productised? *every fintech supplier is different

Each of the modular Smart Finance Blocks (SFBs) is a pre - configured set of front - end - screens , micro - services and connections to API - providers that consolidate customers’ accounts, investments and insurances all in one place. OUR SOLUTION: PLUG & PLAY WITH AAZZUR LIKE FINTECH LEGO TM 10x cheaper and 4x faster than building it yourself Multiple Accounts Carbon Offsetting Personalised Budgeting Tools Insurance Physical & Virtual Cards Split the Bill International Payments & FX Loan Invoice & Document Toolkit Spending & Saving Insights Smart Finance Blocks that drive our clients’ business 4

Our open API platform bundles and integrates banks, wealth and fintechs . 100% built in - house. Microservices with plug - ins to providers. Implementation support available. 5 Access the fintech ecosystem with ONE INTEGRATION AAZZUR connects its clients to the world of fintech Benefits of the platform KYC 1. Single security environment / single sign on 2. Product abstraction layer / vendor independence 3. Unified data model 4. Event and data triggers 5. Charging engine 6. Interoperability 7. Solves international scaling issues 8. Open to connect to internal systems 9. Single customer view 10. Backend functionality for customer service Our implementation partners Currencies Accounts & Cards Loans & BNPL Insurances Tools Wealth IOS Android Web Frontend Dev. Portal Middleware WE BUILT A NUMBER OF PARTNERSHIPS, SMART FINANCE BLOCKS AND TOOLS Customer ... core banking SME lendering Retail lendering KYC CO2

employ Every company is going to be a fintech AAZZUR’s Revenue 2027 (SOM) 80 m € Sources listed here: https:// www.simon - /blog/EmbeddedFinance1 * 20x revenue = market value SOM = Serviceable Obtainable Market By abstracting banking and insurance functionality into technology , embedded f inance enables any brand or merchant to rapidly enhance their service offering. It is like “web - technology” in 1998 – ready for mass adoption. Fintechs , supported by VCs, are currently taking the lead in creating sophisticated embedded finance offerings via APIs and Banking - as - a - Service offerings. Incumbent banks will follow. Companies, who need to integrate several services, prefer Embedded Finance Aggregators that combine such services and offer pre - configured solutions . Embedded Finance in 2030 Total Addressable Market* BaaS Integrators in 2030 Serviceable Available Market Revenue 197 bn € Revenue 20 bn € Embedded Finance is a 6.3 tn € * opportunity in <10 years ADDRESSABLE MARKET 6

Lending at Point - of - Need Retail & Enterprises Loan s, insurances, investment where SMEs or consumers purchase their products Must match lending profile Plug - ins + user journeys to close products + integration (SSO) Plug - ins Platform Enablement Platforms, Enterprises Use accounts, payments, cards, integrations to streamline business process for their users Mobility, trade, logistics ... Integration platform (SSO) + ledger features + SDKs Developer portal, embed SDKs Embeddable Products Banks, Financial Institutions Make your products embeddable so they can be sold at the point of need Revenue Orchestration platform Orchestration platform, developer portal Digital Wealth Asset Managers Digitalisation : Financial cockpit, frontends, reporting, engagement, analytics, nudging Advisor lead, robo , funds, ... Plug - ins (Cockpit) + SFBs + user journeys to sell + integration Complete frontends, embed SDKs Targeted Neobanking Startups, Enterprises Serve a specific customer segment based on several core - and value - add - providers Wealth, remittance, SME, ... Orchestration platform + out - of - the - box SFBs Complete Frontends, (embed SDKs) FOCUS USES CASES Focus areas where AAZZUR creates highest value 7

INTEGRATION MARKETPLACES FOR EMBEDDED FINANCE IS A NEW INDUSTRY API - based Fintech, Insurtech and other services 8 COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE & WHY WE WE WIN AAZZUR is the bridge between fintech and the user Today Most build from scratch and embed from many suppliers that have no interoperability White - label constrained solutions or api - bundling OR Toolbox & Marketplace everything from one place, ready to go, 10% of the initial cost, SaaS customers focus on marketing & innovation no legacy cost and technology risk (SaaS) from the best brands in the business OR Front - end solutions beyond APIs API - aggregation/ Data Service delivery to users

THE TEAM: TECH ENTREPRENEURS WITH LISTINGS & EXITS HEAD OF PRODUCT LAURA KETURKE CTO RICHARD UNGER Strong believer in customer - centric and easy - to - use products, very hands - on throughout the development process Long - serving IT professional with experience in the fintech & banking, government and telecom sectors Adept at implementing robust and comprehensive technical systems/solutions Effective and delivery focused collaborator and technical overseer HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS / UK MATT BALL Over 20 - years of experience in B2B Software and SaaS, working with a variety of start - ups, scale - ups and entrepreneurs Passionate sales specialist in go to market, channel - and business - development COO / CFO MARTIN DAMASKE Banking - platform entrepreneur, received a trading bank license, management and founding team Hypoport (2.4 bn € market cap) Track record of successful platforms, bringing an analytical edge CEO PHILIPP BUSCHMANN Tech entrepreneur with extensive experience working in financial services/IT, fintech and challenger banking across the world - one listing Skilled in business development and galvanizing team management 9

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