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OUR 2023 COHORT FinTech Short Description/Summary BOOGI Enables banks and communities to support local merchants by providing the tools to create loyalty programs powered directly by consumer transaction data. BLE PONCHO PAY Revolutionises the way parents pay for childcare and access the government funding they're entitled to. NAI IVINGL U IMPACT Provides a SaaS solution to financial institutions to help their end investors to become more sustainable. SUSTA WEO Leverages openly available data and deep learning algorithms to provide an API to access environmental analytics through maps and indicators allowing clients to anticipate climate change impacts by greening the streets and city spaces. IA MAMMOTH ANALYTICS Provides a simple, secure and comprehensive solution to consolidate, transform, and automate your data processes. & NUCLIA Enables users to build a fast AI-powered search for unstructured data, so companies can find data in different data sources, languages and TAA formats. D RISKWOLF Uses unique real-time data and dynamic risk modelling to enable insurers to build and operate parametric insurance at scale AAZZUR Embeds financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, banks, and corporates – right at the point of need, without building a tech stack. PENNCE ANSWER PAY UK’s first accredited provider of Request to Pay and the only one that covers both Pay.UK and Europe’s SEPA Request to Pay scheme O FINA CREDIT CANARY Provides early warning of credit delinquency to lenders in real time. E Unlocks a full potential of modern CPUs for computationally intensive tasks, and computes sensitivities automatically using Automatic Adjoint HC MATLOGICA Differentiation (AAD). UTURFTE QIS RISK Cloud-based SaaS solution for institutional investors to manage their portfolio and risk in crypto markets. & ACIN Digitises and networks data between peers, providing 20:20 visibility, protection and far superior AI based decision making. ITYOUD KLARYTEE SaaS platform that builds security into data itself to enable granular control wherever the data goes. URCCL ES STRONG NETWORK Leverages software container technology using our hybrid cloud platform to solve the IT efficiency and data security issues of running a distributed code development workforce.


Incentive marketing powered by customer transactions ELEVATOR PITCH: High-street businesses are in desperate need of motivating consumer spending. Boogienables banks and communities to YEAR FOUNDED: support local merchants by providing the tools to create loyalty programs powered directly by consumer transaction data. 2021 Boogicreates a seamless experience for consumers to automatically get rewarded with highly personalised incentives that lock future spending in the community. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 4 Boogiis taking the ease and simplicity of a transaction-driven cashback solutionand elevates it with targeted offers and incentives that directly benefit the community in a way that is quickly and easily scalable. TARGET CUSTOMERS: • Banks & Building Societies • Business Improvement USE CASES Districts RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Banks can motivate their retail customers to shop with their business customers. Retail banking rewards, A bank or building society can use Boogito create an incentive program that rewards their retail customers for shopping with customer engagement, open any of their high-street business customers. Due to the rapid closure of branches, banks can utilise our technology to develop banking, loyalty and maintain a closer relationship with their local communities, resulting in increased customer satisfaction from both their business and retail customers. Banks can increase the profitability of their business banking customers By motivating spending within local communities using our technology, banks can decrease the likelihood of high-street business closure. As a result communities will experience higher footfall and property value will increase over time. This is especially important for decreasing the risk of mortgage products tied to declining communities whose property value could decrease over time. COST OF LIVING WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: 1. What are the technical and legal requirements for FIs to do business with external businesses? 2. How retail and merchant banks could utilisetheir internal network of customer data to generate revenue for their merchants. 3. How to effectively communicate the benefits of our product to meet the core demands of FIs.

Incentive marketing powered by customer transactions TEAM Christian Saraty: Founder & CEO YEAR FOUNDED: Founded Boogiin 2021 at 22 years old, straight out of university after studying computer science. Over the 2021 last 2 years, I’ve developed experience in managing a team, raising capital & investment, and open banking. Before Boogi, I gained technical experience working as a software engineer at Mizuho TEAM SIZE: international. Was the youngest person in the UK to become a fully qualified tennis coach and was 4 president of the university tennis team from 2020-2021, winning the best-performing university tennis club in London and the southeast. TARGET CUSTOMERS: • Banks & Building Societies In 2017, I built a tennis coaching & competition business that serviced 3 tennis clubs in Surrey & Sussex. In • Business Improvement 2020 I built a penny stock Reddit sentiment tracker to “intelligently invest” during covid-19. Districts RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Stefano Di Gregorio: Founder & COO Retail banking rewards, customer engagement, open Founded Boogi in 2021 at 22 years old, straight out of university where I studied accounting and financial banking, loyalty management. Over the last 2 years i’ve developedexperience in customer engagement, open finance, and product development. In addition, I have broadened my experience through the management of multiple social action projects and business ventures such as being the treasurer and trustee of the Help Uganda Trust, a charity that supports the health and education of orphan children from elementary to university. Amazing thing I’ve built: In 2018 I started a company, Ticketlife. This business aggregated ticket listings from popular ticket websites and donated 7% of the ticket value to the chosen charity of the buyer. COST OF LIVING

The Parent Payment Revolution ELEVATOR PITCH: PonchoPayis revolutionising the way parents pay for childcare and access the government funding they're entitled to. In just YEAR FOUNDED: one click, parents can book with thousands of childcare providers, accessing billions of pounds of government funding in the 2020 (launched 2022) process.With over 300 providers joining the PonchoPaynetwork in just 3 months since going live, PonchoPayis on track to achieve its target of £1m in monthly transactions by end-2023. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 6 A one-click checkout tool that automatically aggregates funding from different sources (parents, government, employers) and instantly passes it on to the providers of childcare. TARGET CUSTOMERS: Providers of Childcare / Parents USE CASES RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Payments, check-out, retail 1 Check-out tool that instantly aggregates funding sources banking, retail finance, Hundreds of millions of pounds of government support available to parents is going unspent due to poor awareness insurance, government and a lack of tech. We’re making it easy for any source of funding to be aggregated at point of checkout, saving parents money and saving childcare providers a significant amount of time. 2 Opportunity to partner with parents and providers of childcare to upsell additional services: retailfinance, BNPL, insurance, etc 3 Reconciliation and order management tool for the providers of childcare COST OF LIVING WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • Understanding potential upsell opportunities in collaboration with financial institutions, given our audience and data • Potential additional applications for our tool, beyond the aggregation of funding for childcare • B2B payments sales best practice • Any regulatory advice

The Parent Payment Revolution TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Ben Prouty, CEO 2020 (launched 2022) A seasoned entrepreneur, involved in three successful start-ups including Shepper, Lovespace and Streetcar (now Zipcar). TEAM SIZE: Ben holds an MBA from Oxford. 6 I built Shepper from the ground up. Today nearly 200,000 people are signed up to this data collection TARGET CUSTOMERS: service, putting millions of pounds into pockets across the country. Providers of Childcare / Parents Vijay Raghavan, COO RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Following his MBA, Vijay worked for Bain in India & the USA for 5 years. He then moved to Copenhagen, Payments, check-out, retail where he worked within Maersk's internal consulting arm. Vijay spent the last 2.5 years at Kamet Ventures. banking, retail finance, insurance, government Working at Kamet Ventures, I had the opportunity to develop a number of start-ups from the ground up, many of which are now very successful late stage ventures. David Adams, CTO / CPO David has spent the past 10 years as a product and engineering lead with startupsand enterprise, including as a founding member of Hummingbird Technologies (raised £22M, acquired). David was Product & Technology lead in residence at Kamet Ventures. COST OF LIVING I was a founding member of Hummingbird Technologies. A precision agriculture company that used aerial imagery to assess crop health and optimise performance. It was an incredibly complex process, taking terabytes of data from the field, uploading over a patchy connection, to crunching the imagery and producing actionable data insights to the farmer.

Using data to mobilise retail capital towards sustainability ELEVATOR PITCH: We provide B2B clients with a white-label solution that offers an intuitive fund exploration tool paired with compelling behavioural analytics. YEAR FOUNDED: With our solution, institutional clients can empower their end-investors to become sustainable, confident investors and to make 2021 investment decisions as easily as shopping online. We’ve reduced friction in the investment selection process and gamified elements of it. The whole user journey is now simple, engaging, and effective. SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: 1. We leverage the existing ESG data. 2. We then turn the data into an intuitive fund exploration interface. We can attract new 6 investors and increase fund inflow by minimising the friction in the investment selection process. 3. Through our interface, we gather behavioural insights of the end investors, then we create behavioural nudges to empower them to invest sustainably. TARGET CUSTOMERS: USE CASES Retail banks, fund platforms, private banks, financial advisors, pension funds 1 Retail bank’s fund brokerage platform/ fund platforms –for retail investors The U Impact white-label fund explorer will be loaded with the client’s sustainable funds population. The retail investors will RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: be able to use the tool to make informed sustainable investment decisions efficiently and effectively, leveraging existing Retail investment, sustainable ESG data and sustainability disclosure data the financial institution already has. The user behaviour analytics will be derived finance, sustainable funds from the users’ fund exploration process. 2 Private banks/ Financial advisors –for high net worth individuals Our solution will be used as a proposal tool to enable their clients to have a more sustainable portfolio. For their clients, it can be used as portfolio reporting tool from a sustainability perspective 3 Pension funds –for pension fund holders Our solution can enhance the transparency of investment products. It can serve as an effective communication tool with the pension fund folders on the fund’s sustainability profile. SUSTAINABILITY WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • The top priorities and biggest challenges currently facing the partnering financial institutions in implementing their sustainability strategy. • What would be the ideal setup for carrying out a successful proof-of-concept work between financial institutions and startups? e.g. pricing, length of the project, involvement of an implementation partner etc. • From the experience of previous cohort participants, what is the optimal way to engage with the lab in order to create the most mutual benefits?

Using data to mobilise retail capital towards sustainability TEAM Lesley Li: CEO YEAR FOUNDED: Prior to founding U Impact she has worked for leading investment banks in London for over 10 years. She 2021 graduated with two Masters from the University of Cambridge. TEAM SIZE: Amazing thing I’ve built: After over a decade, I left banking and founded a fintech with the mission to 6 mobilise retail investments towards sustainability. Within two years I have turned an idea into an award- winning fintech. We received EU funding for outstanding contributions towards social impact. We have TARGET CUSTOMERS: closed a funding round with an established player in the German sustainable investment market. Retail banks, fund platforms, private banks, financial Alistair Hume: COO advisors, pension funds Alistair has 13 years' financial services experience with HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, also a chartered RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: global management accountant. Retail investment, sustainable finance, sustainable funds Amazing thing I’ve built: Prior to the achievements at U Impact I’ve been instrumental in successfully leading a number of bank-wide projects, most notably the regulatory reporting for Barclays’ Brexit programme. I also have valuable experience working at a banking software provider where I implemented client proof of concept projects which converted to new clients. Clemens Chaskel: CTO Clemens has 15 years experience in R&D and technology & innovation management, also holds a PhD from SUSTAINABILITY University of Cambridge, two master's degrees in Engineering and is a chartered engineer. Amazing thing I’ve built: Clemens has been passionate about creating new things and turning ideas into reality since he was a kid. He has built drones, bikes and SCUBA diving equipment, has worked on lots of projects combining hardware and software design, and he is knowledgeable in both CAD/CAM as well as coding and electronics. He has a patent for a sensor for gas turbines.

LOGO Affordable and unbiased environmental analytics from space ELEVATOR PITCH: WEO is leveraging openly available data and deep learning algorithms to provide an API to access environmental analytics YEAR FOUNDED: through maps and indicators allowing clients such as municipalities to anticipate climate change impacts by greening the 2020 streets and city spaces. The company provides key metrics that help to identify where the risks of flood and heat wave are located. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 6 WEO has built technology that can take lower resolution satellite imagery and extract high resolution insights for our clients. This enables WEO to use our technology on openly availably satellite imagery which is free to access and regularly available breaking the barriers to entry of using spatial information of costs and frequency. TARGET CUSTOMERS: Underwriters, Sustainability, USE CASES Fund Managers, RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Insurance, Investment Funds, Municipalities need to adapt to climate change impacts. By using WEO’s maps and indicators they are able to improve their Real Estate, Banks resilience of cities to climate change by understanding where risky hotspots are and mitigating these by implementing more green roofs and vegetated areas. Asset Managers such as railway operators and utility companies need to keep risks to their assets at a minimum. Currently, many of their maintenance strategies involve manual checks in the field to find areas where trees and vegetation are posing risks. By using WEO’s products, clients can track the risk to their assets by receiving vegetation risk maps according that indicate where risks are located and the criticality of the risk in order to target maintenance regimes. WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: SUSTAINABILITY What are you specific requirements so that we can target our current product more specifically to the financial services sector

Affordable and unbiased environmental analytics from space TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: ImeshiWeerasinghe: CEO 2020 Imeshi Weerasinghe is cofounder and the Chief Executive Officer, with a background in telecommunications and environmental engineering and an MBA, a mother of two crazy little punk girls TEAM SIZE: and passionate about sustainability. 6 Amazing thing I have built is cofounding WEO and my two little girls TARGET CUSTOMERS: Underwriters, Sustainability, Charlotte Wirion: CTO Fund Managers, RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Charlotte Wirion is cofounder and the Chief Technology Officer, with a background in environmental Insurance, Investment Funds, engineering and remote sensing, a mother of two, bicycle being her favorite mode of transport and Real Estate, Banks passionate about sustainability. Amazing thing I’ve built is cofounding WEO. SUSTAINABILITY


Lightweight Self-Serve Analytics to streamline financial data ELEVATOR PITCH: Mammoth provides a simple, secure and comprehensive solution to consolidate, transform, and automate your data processes. YEAR FOUNDED: It is lightweight, on-demand, no installation required, and there is zero dependency on IT. 2017 SECRET SAUCE: Mammoth’s patent-pending, end-to-end platform is built on years development and is hard to replicate TEAM SIZE: 25 TARGET CUSTOMERS: USE CASES Financial Services Sector and Consumer Goods ESG RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Bring transparency, automation, speed and cost-savings in data consolidation from various sources. Transparency key for EU Insurance, Capital Markets, regulation compliance Asset Management, ESG Sales for large Enterprises in multiple markets Streamline, automate and standardise inconsistent and complex data from various sources in a timely and cost-effective manner. WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • Complex , domain-specific data problemsthat are consistent across a specific department or sub-industry within the world of finance • Learnings on the profile of the economic buyer and the business users tasked with addressing the above mentioned problems DATA

Lightweight Self-Serve Analytics to streamline financial data TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Gaurav Dudhoria (CEO) 2017 Led the analytics and technology teams at McCann Erickson, Digitasand Publicis in San Francisco. Managed and implemented solutions for Microsoft, Nike, Safeway, Williams Sonoma, Sony and HP. TEAM SIZE: Founded Mammoth 25 TARGET CUSTOMERS: Financial Services Sector and Dom Beary(CCO) Consumer Goods Worked with the biggest global internet companies as well as with start-ups and incubators delivering RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: content and providing infrastructure, services and software and integrating Telstra's Silicon Valley VC Insurance, Capital Markets, investments. Built up a self- and 3rd party-funded property portfolio across the Baltic States directly Asset Management, ESG following their accession to the European Union in 2004. From relatively zero traction at Mammoth, Dom brought in Nielsen, Starbucks, Bacardi, etc to name a few as initial customers Pankaj Lal (CTO) Developed simulators for DSPs at Texas Instruments and went on to manage operations of a startup retail chain, where he led the setup of integrated PoS and analytics systems across multiple stores. His DATA clients have included Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens. Mammoth does data retrieval, storage, consolidation, discovery, transformation and automation of billions of rows every months in a single and seamlessly integrated platform. It is a feat of engineering, thanks to Pankaj

Nuclia The API to make the unsearchable, searchable ELEVATOR PITCH: Nucliais an end-to-end API that help users find the information they need by automatically indexing unstructured data from any internal and external source, providing optimized search results. It can handle video and audio transcription, image content YEAR FOUNDED: extraction, and document parsing. Nulicaallow users to search unstructured data not only by keywords but also in natural 2019 language (neural search), in almost any language. SECRET SAUCE: Nucliais an end-to-end solution API, able to extract data regardless the format or the language of a file, wherever it is. It also runs TEAM SIZE: an automatic NER detection to understand the key insights from files. It automatically vectorizes text and stores it, together with 20 full text, paragraphs and entities to our own open source database called NucliaDB, helping companies to provide AI search with no effort. TARGET CUSTOMERS: USE CASES Unstructured data intensive industries, where knowledge is a main asset Semantic search on top of any data: RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: • A unified semantic search-box for data in any language, any format and any-source. Insurance, Non-Financial Identify the key information from files, automatically. Data anonymization in a click. Institutions, Health Institutions, • Nucliadetects and indexes the key insights from files: names, people, organizations, dates… In any language. Those Universities. insights can be anonymized in just a click. . Auto-classify data. Simple. Fast. No-code. • Build your very own AI classification model visually. Nuclia will classify your data automatically. Create your very own paragraph based classification, detect the intent of users when looking for something and suggest classifications and answers. A search engine for your videos. • Nucliatranscribes videos in almost any language and indexes all content so you can quickly find the specific moments you are looking for. Integrate Nuclia video search to your application using our API or our no-code widget. DATA WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: - Is unstructured data important for financial institutions? - What solutions are they using today? Is there any specific use case NLP could improve how things are done today? - What personas would be the ones dealing the most with unstructured data? - Are there existing tools that could make sense Nucliaintegrates with?

Nuclia The API to make the unsearchable, searchable TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: EudaldCamprubíSubirana, CEO & co-founder 2019 Previous experience as an entrepreneur: • TEAM SIZE: • 20 • TARGET CUSTOMERS: Business and MK degree from Barcelona University. 3 times entrepreneurs. Musician and ultramarathon Unstructured data intensive runner. industries, where knowledge is a main asset Ramon Navarro Bosch, CTO & co-founder RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Previous experience as an entrepreneur: Insurance, Non-Financial • Institutions, Health Institutions, • Universities. • Software engineer and mathematician. 3 times entrepreneurs. Musician and folk music dancer. + A remote team of 18 developers. DATA

LOGO Turn Real-Time Data Into Insurance ELEVATOR PITCH: Using unique real-time data and dynamic risk modelling, Riskwolfenables insurers to build and operate parametric insurance at scale. We’ve created a platform to automate the process from incubation to market, so that a wide range of insurance products YEAR FOUNDED: can be structured, priced and operated without the need for specialists and expensive multi-year IT projects. We are the “Lego- 2019 Box” for parametric insurance: New products can be configured in just a few clicks and launched on a click of a button. Simple. Reliable. Fast. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 5 Riskwolf is the only InsurTech that offers a full end-to-end parametric insurance platform. We shorten the time-to-market for new parametric products and allow insurers to cost-efficient create novel propositions. TARGET CUSTOMERS: Product Managers, USE CASES Underwriters, Actuaries, Brokers, Agents 1 CLIMATE RISKS –$1.3 Trillion market by 2040 RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: - Insurance partners and Managing General Agents (MGAs) use Riskwolfto a add parametric weather coverage in crop Re-/Insurers, Capital Markets insurance (India, Pakistan, Australia). - Insurers and brokers add weather guarantees in renewable energy loan and output offerings (Japan, EU, Africa). - A travel operator uses Riskwolfto embed a weather benefit (rain or shine) for their travelers (ASEAN). 2 TECHNOLOGY RISKS -$1.8 Trillion market by 2040 - A global reinsurer use our Internet outage insurance (ASEAN) for Telco clients targeting a pool of 10 million+ premium subscribers. - Two cyber market leaders use our cloud downtime insurance (Canada and India) targeting 1000’s of SMEs buying Cyber. - A telco tower protection offering (US, India) using Riskwolf leading to better prevention and lower claims covering 10’000s of towers. DATA WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: Bundling possibilities for parametric insurance and financial market products (e.g. extreme weather loan protection).

Turn Real-Time Data Into Insurance TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: 2019 Thomas Krapf: Co-Founder & CEO TEAM SIZE: 20 plus years in various roles in re-insurance. Has held senior positions globally, including in New York, 5 London, Paris, Munich and Zurich. Amazing thing I’ve built: ~Helped build startups and industry initiatives such as the first online reinsurance TARGET CUSTOMERS: placing platform, the first Co2 reinsurance venture, as well co-founded an industry venture for re-insurance Product Managers, back-office automation (Rueschlikon, ACORD (eBOT/ eCOT)) Underwriters, Actuaries, Brokers, Agents RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Re-/Insurers, Capital Markets René Papesch: CTO 12 years of business and technology consulting. 8 years of experience in large-scale data processing projects. Bridging the gap between tech, data and processes, with the last 5 years in the re-insurance industry. Experience working in Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt and Bratislava and founded two other companies. Amazing thing I’ve built: Riskwolf ;) DATA


We embed financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, banks, and corporates ELEVATOR PITCH: We orchestrate and embed financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, Banks, and Corporates – right at the point of need, without building a tech stack. We provide a Fintech Platform-as-a-Service to get you to market and revenue quickly YEAR FOUNDED: without extensive investment in technology. With AAZZUR you are “all connected” to the world of fintech with one integration, 2017 (Pivot 2019) or no integrations at all! SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: - Plugging fintech services into your products requires an expensive up front investment. 16 - We simplify the process to one or two contracts, no platform investment and a radically quicker time to revenue. - Our approach is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than the alternate “do-it-yourself" approach. TARGET CUSTOMERS: USE CASES CIO/Investment Directors; Chief Innovation Officers; etc. AAZZUR enables you to plug & play (for example/so you can) RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Offer branded banking solutions eCommerce, Platforms, Retail Banking, Neobanks, Non- 2 Embed services like insurance, Co2 compensation or investments Financial Institutions 3 Provide digital accelerator loans, so you and your customers can grow together Simplifying process of building solutions –we do the orchestration AAZZUR offers customers off-the-shelf LEGO®like financial blocks called Smart Finance Blocks to build banking use cases or embedded finance.AAZZUR reduces the complexity for new entrants to the market, providing more coherent choices, simpler options, and better support along the way. OPEN FINANCE WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • What do FIs look for in a fintech to commercially engage with them and their product / service. • What are the interests and priorities of non-financial companies regarding embedding financial services into their main offerings.

We embed financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, Banks, and Corporates TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Philipp Buschmann–CEO/Co-founder 2017 (Pivot 2019) Philipp is an entrepreneur with a technology and strategy background (Razorfish, Booz Allen) with a track record in growing startups with exits and establishing successful companies. Raised angel, seed, PIPE, and TEAM SIZE: PE funding. 16 He holds an MBA from the London Business School. TARGET CUSTOMERS: CIO/Investment Directors; Chief Innovation Officers; etc. Martin Damaske-CFO/COO/Co-founder RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Martin is a finance professional, who held a banking license, and is a highly experienced entrepreneur with eCommerce, Platforms, Retail extensive knowledge of financial services. He was part of the founding team ofGerman unicornHypoport. Banking, Neobanks, Non- He holds degrees in Physics and Business. Financial Institutions Laura Keturke–Head of Product Laura is a product design and development professional with experience in the financial and real estate industries. She has led digital product development and agile projects at various companies in the financial sector. She is committed to creating customer-centric, easy-to-use products. OPEN FINANCE She holds a degree in Philosophy.

Answer Pay CCreatreating ing a fa faireairer r wway ay tto o pay andpay and ggetet paipaidd ELEVATOR PITCH: Our “Request to Pay” service helps keep the lights on, houses warm and families connected. We do this by providing a means YEAR FOUNDED: for consumers to aggregate, manage, prioritise and pay their bills in a way that suits them. This is delivered via banking and 2020 paymentappsensuringendtoendbankgradesecurity.OurAPIbasedaccessremovesthetechnologychallengessobankscan maximisetheirrevenueopportunity. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 6 We are the UK’s first accredited provider of Request to Pay and the only one that covers both Pay.UK and Europe’s SEPA Request to Pay scheme. Our technology removes the need for sending payment links by SMS and e-mail and so reduces the risk of Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud TARGET CUSTOMERS: Banks, PSPs, Utilities USE CASES RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Retail banking -better consumer payment experiences Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, B2C 14M families are struggling to pay their bills due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. Payment providers are seeing an increase in calls for support from consumers and regulators but developing something new takes time. Request to Pay addresses this with an API that enables consumers to pay who they want, when they want and how they want - all through their payment provider. 2 Corporate banking -cash collection Poor cashflow is the number one killer of SMEs in the UK, yet many businesses are seeing customers turn away from Direct Debits. Trying to collect using cards, cheques or even cash can be expensive and crucially takes longer. Request to Pay can be delivered through a corporate bank or directly to a business allowing them to digitally request money from their customers, understand the propensity to pay and receive the funds by low cost bank transfer. OPEN FINANCE WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • Help us evaluate Request to Pay’s product fit for the banking community and invoicers. • We want additional participants for a proof of concept to help us better understand market needs

Answer Pay Creating a fairer way to pay and get paid TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Mike Chambers: Chairman 2020 A recognised authority on retail payments, Mike was the Chief Executive Officer of Bacs (the UK’s biggest retail payment system) from 2004 until 2018. He also publishes the industry newsletter, “Payments TEAM SIZE: Unpacked” 6 Amazing thing I’ve built: Current Account Switching Service (CASS) and Cash ISA transfer service TARGET CUSTOMERS: Banks, PSPs, Utilities RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Peter Cornforth: Commercial Director Retail Banking, Corporate Payments product specialist. 15 years of experience in the payment arena with Santander, Vodafone, Banking, B2C Amazon and Paysafe. Extensive experience in business development and product management. Amazing thing I’ve built: Vodafone M-Pesa, the global reference for a successful mobile money solution Ismail Bhana: Head of Engineering An experienced software engineer, architect and has a PhD in Computer Science. He has a track record of project successes in the FinTech sector. OPEN FINANCE Amazing thing I’ve built: The award winning Sky Go app, in the top 10 most downloaded entertainment apps in the UK

Taking away the pain of missed credit repayments for lenders and borrowers ELEVATOR PITCH: Credit Canary is a fintech platform that allows consumer credit lenders to identify scenarios and engage borrowers at risk of missing credit repayments. As required, we present personalised digital treatments to the borrower in real-time directly YEAR FOUNDED: through the lenders existing digital channels, uniquely designed to keep them both engaged and on track throughout their 2022 credit term. Through early intervention, we’re changing consumer credit for the better, removing the pain of missed credit repayment for both lender, and borrower. SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: Whereas open banking and credit data providers help lenders “insight” to make lending decisions, drawing from the past, we help 4 lenders understand borrowers’ financial futures, being the first provider that combines credit and open banking data to produce a complete financial footprint, forward forecasting disposable income to account for macro trends and seasonality and drive TARGET CUSTOMERS: “action”, enhancing underlying business performance. CEOs, COOs and Heads of USE CASES Lending within Consumer Credit Lenders 1 Reducing default balances through early engagement of borrowers at risk RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: With credit losses this year at $4.6tn, driven by the cost-of-living crisis, the demand for addressing rising delinquency and Consumer Credit, Retail default risk has never been greater. With the average cost of borrowers going into arrears being c. £1k, there is a clear Banking, Data Analytics & opportunity to use our predictive analytics and treatments to keep borrowers on track and engaged. Machine Learning, Enterprise Driving new liquidity from existing loan portfolios SaaS 2 Once credit accounts are in arrears, options are limited. Lenders either write off or sell on accounts on for a fraction of their value (c 9p to £1). With Credit Canary, by assessing the financial health of borrowers overtime and forecasting disposable income forward, new sources of liquidity emerge by allowing lenders to proactively sell for either face value or greater. 3 Ensuring alignment to FCA’s New Consumer Duty (“CD”) With CD coming into force in July 2023, many lenders are underprepared. Being event-driven, our technology directly align to OPEN FINANCE CD principles, which state that ”firms have to regularly monitor outcomes delivered by its products and where issues are identified by the firm it is expected to appropriate action without undue delay to rectify or prevent harm arising.” WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: To further validate and determine how our solution can be sold into and will need to be adapted to convert enterprise financial services organisations.

Taking away the pain of missed credit repayments for lenders and borrowers FOUNDING TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: James Fell, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Duncan, Chief Technology Officer 2022 An experienced fintech founder with deep Award-winning technologist and knowledge of open banking and payments. entrepreneur who most recently launched TEAM SIZE: He is passionate about leveraging data to Soar, a banking platform for the ethical 4 create unrivalled digital experiences that lending sector that is used daily by over keep customers engaged. 100,000 consumers. TARGET CUSTOMERS: CEOs, COOs and Heads of James took his first business, with zero Andrew is a published author, having Lending within Consumer investment, to turning over £2m in just launched multiple books focused on Credit Lenders three years, with offices in the UK and US, computer science and software RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: training over 4,000 corporates annually. development excellence. Consumer Credit, Retail Banking, Data Analytics & Shaun Adams, Chief Data Officer Ben Nadel, Chief Commercial Officer Machine Learning, Enterprise SaaS Data and insight practitioner with extensive Former Accenture management consultant, consumer credit experience. Most recently specialising in financial services. Passionate served as Head of Data Science at Auden, a about driving commercial outcomes and leading Fintech lender. value creation within enterprise-scale organisations. Shaun started his career running gold OPEN FINANCE exploration projects deep within the Ben launched and sold bnbpal, a platform Amazon rainforest and 100’s of miles from he built and scaled to £1m ARR that civilisation, and, where he mastered his allowed airbnb hosts to seamlessly list and data science craft! manage their holiday lets.


MatLogica Unlocking full potential of modern hardware ELEVATOR PITCH: MatLogicais a B2B Deeptech/Fintech, that developed a breakthrough software solution that unlocks a full potential of modern CPUsfor computationally intensive tasks, and computes sensitivitiesautomatically using AAD. MatLogica’sunique compiler YEAR FOUNDED: delivers speed-ups of 6-100xfor complex simulations and calculations of risks with minimal changes to the software. 2020 MatLogicaenables customers to transition from batch processing to live risk, reduce cloud/energy bills, and simplify development of quant models. SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: Born from the personal pain of the founder, this is the only solution that can speed-up simulations and compute risks using 5 Automatic Adjoint Differentiation (AAD). MatLogica’sAAD outperforms alternative solutions by orders of magnitude due to clever optimisations and use of native CPU vectorisation and multi-threading. MatLogica’spatent-pending technology enables TARGET CUSTOMERS: customers to achieve results within months. Quants, Risk Managers, USE CASES Traders RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Investment Banks -speeding up portfolio risk calculations Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Insurance With regulatory requirements, such as XVA, getting stricter every year, banks’ quants & technologists are struggling to cope with changes to the risk management software. Overnight batches fail to complete by morning, defects in software result in unreliable P&L and risks, and infrastructure faces higher bills. By integrating MatLogica into their risk management systems, banks can reduce the time it takes to produce risk reports by 15x+, and by adopting AAD, risks will be calculated accurately - including second order. 2 Investment Banks -curve building / model calibrations Banks calibrate their models using solvers and minimisers in either of two ways: numerically, which is time-consuming due to the need to bump-and-revalue; or analytically, in which case tedious development is required for every business requirement change, resulting in high cost and delayed deliveries on business needs. Using MatLogica, the Jacobian will be calculated automatically using AAD, resulting in numerically stable results. The calibration will be performed fast thanks to MatLogica’s FUTURE TECH optimisations and clever use of CPU. WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • What FIs look for in a fintech in order to have the confidence to commercially engage with them and their product / service. • The acceptable structures for our software licence / costs: • The limitations, challenges, and opportunities in Pricing and Risk systems used by Investment banks, Asset Managers etc.

MatLogica Unlocking full potential of modern hardware TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: CTO: Dmitri Goloubentsev 2020 18 years experience in quant finance, mathematics and developing risk systems (Lloyds, CIBC world markets) and has a MSc in Applied Mathematics. Dmitri is proficient in high-performance computing in C++ TEAM SIZE: and assembler languages. He is the inventor of MatLogica'score product. Dmitri frequently presents at 5 industry conferences such as QuantMindsand co-authored a number of papers. TARGET CUSTOMERS: Quants, Risk Managers, COO: Natalija Karpichina Traders RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Natalija has 15 years' experience as a financial software developer, business analyst and project manager Investment Banking, Hedge (Credit Suisse/Trafigura). She holds a MSc in Software Engineering and an MBA from Bayes Business Funds, Insurance School with a focus on Digital Strategy. She joined the company as an advisor in summer 2020 and as an employee in summer of 2021. Sales Lead: Tim Watmough Tim has 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry and has owned Executive Search firms. His warm connections in the target market and his commercial experience are critical to generating and maintaining the flow of ongoing qualified business opportunities for MatLogica. FUTURE TECH

LOGO Portfolio Management System for Digital Assets ELEVATOR PITCH: We’re the next-generation portfolio management system for the Digital Asset age. YEAR FOUNDED: QIS Risk is a cloud-based SaaS solution for institutional investors to manage their portfolio and risk in crypto markets. Our 2021 technology couples best-in-class portfolio tracking with a reporting suite that’s tailored to allocator needs. SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: Highly automated activity feeds allow clients to run leaner, more efficient finance and ops teams. 4 Product features are uniquely geared towards institutional clients. Our rapid product iteration allows us to meet client needs in a dynamic technology environment. TARGET CUSTOMERS: Finance & Ops, USE CASES CIO/Investment Directors RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Powering crypto markets middle-office Asset Management, Treasury, Digital Assets are an emerging market with their own set of operational challenges. Potential investors need systems to track Hedge Funds, Family Offices their positions across a fragmented custody environment. They also need reliable risk metrics and a familiar reporting suite to run daily fund operations. QIS Risk provides a central source of truth for institutions to organize and make sense of all their crypto market activity. 2 External stakeholder reporting Institutions allocating to Digital Asset managers are increasingly requiring risk and operational controls, as well as regular reporting, as part of ongoing due diligence. QIS Risk provides an independent channel for managers to share customized reports with their stakeholder for increased transparency and reduced administrative burden. FUTURE TECH WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: • Current and future Digital Asset (crypto) initiatives at partner FIs • Portfolio Management System (PMS) vendor and procurement process at partner FI

LOGO Portfolio Management System for Digital Assets TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Fred Cox, CFA: CEO 2021 Passionate about modernizing finance through insanely great software. TEAM SIZE: Former quant dev. 10 years building systems for leading FIs, including BofA, Fidelity and UBS. 4 TARGET CUSTOMERS: Finance & Ops, Piotr Mieczkowski: CTO CIO/Investment Directors RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Expert technologist. Programming prodigy. Track record of building strategic advantage through Asset Management, Treasury, software. Ex-BofA, Fidelity and Exodus Point Capital. Hedge Funds, Family Offices Amazing thing I’ve built: transaction reporting software handling 12M trades per day FUTURE TECH


AI driven operational risk control ELEVATOR PITCH: Operational losses and fines (in the billions of dollars) continue to impact financial institutions and cause reputational damage. The legacy method to assess operational risk is subjective and based on a banks internal knowledge. This situation is strained YEAR FOUNDED: with increasing regulatory pressures. At acin we are transforming this to a modern data driven product – we have created 2018 standards and an AI driven network to enable peer comparison and quantification. Our vision is to make the banks and industry safer. TEAM SIZE: SECRET SAUCE: 70 Our product is based on a huge amount of research built from multiple tier 1 banks data. This has output, data standards, AI (refined on deep learning of our data), and a network of hundreds of thousands of connected data points. This is unique and would be very hard and expensive to replicate. TARGET CUSTOMERS: COO/CRO/Operational Risk USE CASES Control SMEs RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Enhance Engagement Between 1LoD and 2LoD Financial Services (Global A major European IB wanted to move to data driven engagement between the first and second lines of defence. Acin’s Markets, CIB, Retail, Asset platform processed over 2,000 controls in a matter of weeks to drive ongoing engagement with data. Management 2 Control Rationalization Major European retail bank had concerns over data quality. Acin’soptimization models identified compression opportunities of 71%, including high numbers of non-controls and duplicate controls. 3 Demonstrate Completeness to Regulators A US regulator challenged a GSIB to demonstrate the completeness of their controls environment. Acin’sdata was presented to the regulator as evidence of their leading position in the market. CLOUD WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: Insights you’d like form our partners e.g. • Identify larger community (e.g. data governance, change) in banks beyond our existing target user list. • Explorehow/if our data standards should become open and publicly available for wider adoption. • Identify other opportunities across wider FI space to use the acin product. rd • Identify complementary product/data from 3 parties to further the acinoffering.

AI driven operational risk control TEAM YEAR FOUNDED: Paul Ford: CEO and Founder 2018 Paul is the Founder and CEO of Acin. An ambitious entrepreneur and leader, he saw an opportunity to leverage technology to digitise and network operational risk across financial institutions. TEAM SIZE: Amazing thing I’ve built: ex military bomb disposal so used to building creative solutions to hard problems 70 TARGET CUSTOMERS: COO/CRO/Operational Risk Graeme Wynn: CTO Control SMEs RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Graeme leads Acin’score technology and IT architecture. He has transformed risk management into a Financial Services (Global quantitative discipline powered by technology, artificial intelligence and data science. Markets, CIB, Retail, Asset Management Amazing thing I’ve built: Spent 20 years using data and technology to keep buy side firms growing and making profit CLOUD

Security for data wherever it goes ELEVATOR PITCH: Klaryteeis a SaaS platform that builds security into sensitive content to enable granular control wherever the data goes. With over 2B active users in the top 3 document platforms alone, they see this as an exciting and important area to start addressing YEAR FOUNDED: the challenges of secure collaboration but have an ambitious roadmap to integrate into many of the leading enterprise 2021 platforms to give complete control to organisations to all their data. SECRET SAUCE: TEAM SIZE: The key differentiator for Klarytee is that it is integrated into existing workflows in MS Word with future integrations across 6 commonly used document platforms. This requires minimal change to user behaviour, is easier to deploy for an enterprise using their existing O365 or enterprise software environment and frictionless for the end-user to be able to view the decrypted TARGET CUSTOMERS: content within their document editor CISO, Digital Transformation, Legal, Compliance USE CASES RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: 1 Secure External Collaboration Retail Banking, Wealth Challenge: Current document controls don’t apply to documents attached to outbound communications when they leave Management, Corporate the enterprise boundary – e.g. customer and supply chain comms. Leaves organisation vulnerable to compliance and Banking, Fintech platforms, regulatory risk. Solution: Encrypt documents using Klarytee to protect the contents beyond the enterprise boundary and Non Financial Institutions restrict access to a user even before there are onboarded to internal IT infrastructure 2 SaaS Security Challenge: When using SaaS applications, there is no control on jurisdiction where data are hosted and accessed. Without a full audit trail, leaves organisation exposed to data leaks and data leaving a jurisdiction Solution: Encrypt documents using Klarytee to protect personal and other sensitive data by default and apply location based decryption policies to prevent accidental or intentional breach of compliance or data loss when hosted on SaaS platforms CLOUD WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: Insights you’d like form our partners e.g. • How do FIs partner with startupswhen dealing with a business critical capability? • What do FIs look for in terms of partnerships to give confidence to deploy a capability at scale?

Security for data wherever it goes TEAM Nithin Thomas: Founder & CEO YEAR FOUNDED: • Second-timeFounderandCEOofKlarytee 2021 • Raised$2.5MinVCandprivateAngelinvestments • Ledsalesofover$2Minrevenuesfromdefense,nationalsecurityandfinancialservicessectors TEAM SIZE: • Delivered over 20x projects in the most challenging environments against extremely tight budgets and 6 timescales, including the first commercial secure video solution in Afghanistan for NATO coalition forces TARGET CUSTOMERS: • Establishedcross-bordersalesand operationsacrosstheUK,Europe,US,andAPACsuccessfully CISO, Digital Transformation, Legal, Compliance RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: Vladimir Plotean: Tech Lead Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate • Worked with Nithin for over 5 years and led the mobile and backend development for over 10 projects Banking, Fintech platforms, to government and financial services customers Non Financial Institutions • Has over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise solutions and mobile applications including at Nokia and Goldman Sachs CLOUD

Secure code development workspaces for distributed teams ELEVATOR PITCH: Our platform is a private infrastructure component for financial institutions that enables them to manage and deliver fully installed, online coding environments to developers in full compliance with the organization’s security risk controls. Based on familiar tools and accessible on any device, these environments foster user productivity, have low TCO, provide IT cost reduction and align with all YEAR FOUNDED: DevSecOpsneeds. 2020 SECRET SAUCE: Our self-hosted platform provides online access to containerized development environments (CDEs) equipped with native, developer- TEAM SIZE: friendly security mechanisms against data leaks and real-time monitoring capabilities that play a central role in the organization’s 25 DevSecOpsstrategy. These lightweight CDEs replace complex VDI/DaaS with greater performance, lower cost and no impact on developers’ productivity. TARGET CUSTOMERS: USE CASES CTO, Head of Development, Head of IT/Cloud Infrastructure Replacement of Secure Laptop/VDI/DaaS with Secure DevOps-Ready Environments Shipping laptops to remote developers creates complexity and costs to the organization. Using VDI and DaaS often results in usability issues and require additional tools to secure data access and to align with DevOps practices. Our platform provides a seamless, joint RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: solution to (1) guaranteeing security and compliance with mechanisms that do not get in the way of developers, (2) ensure and Banking, Insurance, Industrial enhance developers’ productivity with new real-time collaboration features and (3) provide a strategic tool to support DevSecOps Sector practices, including code security. DevSecOpsModernization, Automation and Governance The systematic use of containers is a central component of a DevOps strategy. In parallel, financial institutions need the ability to automate the audit of risk controls over an entirely distributed development workforce. Our platform provides a self-hosted management tool for online CDEs with embedded remote security and real-time auditing for data and user operations. Managers get real-time governance dashboard and reports that yield better governance around key and custom-defined DevSecOpsmetrics. WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT: CLOUD • How our platform fits within the ecosystem of regulations, compliance and governance metrics so that we can improve the ROI of the platform for the financial and industrial sectors. • How to fine-tune data collection across the processes supported by the platform such that we optimize our data strategy to yield the most relevant insights in accordance with all constraints attached to the industry, in particular privacy and regulations. • How to improve our go-to-market strategy in the financial and industrial sectors as the provider of a multi-faceted platform that covers needs across functions such as application development, security, compliance and governance (budget, stakeholder management. etc.)

Secure code development workspaces for distributed teams FOUNDING TEAM Laurent Balmelli, PhD: CEO YEAR FOUNDED: Co-founder of the company Strong Network, backed by top European VC OpenOcean with a Seed 2020 roundofCHF5.2mclosedinMarch2022andmajorcustomerssuchasBroadcomandSwissRe, TEAM SIZE: He sold his last cybersecurity start-up, Strong Codes to the US company Snapchat in 2016 25 (Bloomberg Technology article) and led cybersecurity efforts at Snap during a three-year earn out periodfrom2016to2020.HeleftSnaptocreateStrongNetworkwithOzrenko. TARGET CUSTOMERS: After earning his PhD from ETH in Switzerland in 2000, he also worked 12 years at IBM Research CTO, Head of Development, Division and CTOofficeinNewYorkandTokyobeforemovingbacktoSwitzerland. Head of IT/Cloud Infrastructure RELEVANT INDUSTRIES: OzrenkoDragic: CTO Banking, Insurance, Industrial Co-founderofthecompanyStrongNetwork,inchargeofalltheengineeringeffort. Sector He worked at Snap with Laurent as one of the key engineers designing security for Snap’s cloud infrastructure. He is widely recognized for his technical skills in software architecture and has developed game-changing technologies at Snap. He left Snap in 2020 to create Strong Network withLaurent. He earned his MsC in Computer Science from ETH in Switzerland after graduating from Belgrade University. CLOUD